Buses in Cancun and the Riviera Maya

Contrary to popular belief, getting around Mexico by bus is quite easy and enjoyable. Buses are a primary method of transportation in Cancun and the Riviera Maya and can be especially desirable when you do not have a specific itinerary for a rental car and don't want to waste money on a car just sitting around at your hotel.
Local Buses
You'll find bus stops nearly everywhere with local buses running every few minutes and all night long. These buses will take you to all parts of the Hotel Zone and cover Downtown extensively. Of course in the wee hours of the morning, the wait is a little longer but you should still see a bus within several minutes.

FARES: Fares range from 7 to 9 pesos (less than $1 USD)

We recommended that you pay in Mexican pesos. If you pay with a Single American Dollar the most of the times you donít receive change back, even though is still inexpensive and a fun and easy way to go around Cancun.
Buses for travel throughout the Riviera Maya can be found at the Downtown Bus Stations of Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. These buses range in class and at what locations they will stop at but you're certain to find one for where you are going, just check the posted schedules in the station.
If you are traveling from one major point, such as Cancun, to another major point, such as Playa Del Carmen, you'll want to take one of the first class buses. The ADO Busline has the easiest mode of transportation between these two cities and has buses running every ten minutes or so for about $3.00 USD.
Second class buses vary in comfort and amenities, like air conditioning, but are very useful when traveling to lesser points in the Riviera Maya, such as many of the beautiful beaches and other interesting locales that are away from the larger cities. These buses make many stops along the way and the driver will stop nearly anywhere you ask.

FARES: These will vary depending on what class of bus you are taking and where you are going but, in general, very economical.