Snorkeling Xcaret Reef

Be a guest of the underwater kingdom At the Mexican 2nd biggest Coral Reef in the World in the most amazing snorkeling guided tour in Xcaret.
norkeling Xcaret Reef
Snorkeling Xcaret Reef
Prices (USD):
Adults: $34.00
Children: $34.00
Snorkeling Companion Tour: $27.00
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What's included in this tour
  • Guided snorkeling tour with a duration of a 90 minutes.
  • Use of snorkel equipment which consists of lifejacket, fins, mask and snorkel tube.
  • Let our snorkel experts guide you to the warm, crystal water of Xcaret, at a depth of two to five meters. Here you can admire the exotic kaleidoscope of coral reefs: beautiful tropical fish, coral, starfish and sea cucumbers and other marine wonders.
  • The price to this tour does not include your entrance-admission to Xcaret. Get 10% Off of these prices in any of the Xcaret Plus Packages.
Recommendations for this tour
  • Remember that the Snorkeling Tour makes you a guest of the underwater kingdom of the Mexican Caribbean. Follow your guide instructions so you can enjoy your adventure without harming the environment.
  • The Snorkeling Companion Tour is for those who do not want to dive snorkel but want to accompany the ship to their relatives or friends who are snorkeling.
  • A deposit of 20 USD per person as guarantee for the equipment is required.
  • DURATION: 1:30
  • People with asthma, hypertension, diabetes or heart problems should refrain from participating in the Snorkeling Tour.
  • It is important to bring bathing suit on, comfortable clothing, walking shoes that can get wet, hat or cap, camera, sunglasses and a lot of energy.
  • Use biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent. They are shops everywhere in the park, where you can get them and almost anything you need.