Mayan Ruins of Uxmal

Considered one of the most striking of all the ancient cities of the Maya, Uxmal dates from the Classic Period and is seen rising magnificently from the hills of the Puuc Range. The buildings and structures here are in excellent condition and one, the Pirimide del Adivino (Pyramid of the Seer), offers the most breathtaking view in all the Yucatan.
The nightly Light and Sound Show will provide you with a different aspect of this mysterious and captivating archaeological site.
Mayan Ruins of Uxmal
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Reviews of Mayan Ruins of Uxmal
  • by Nelly N.
    We got on Highway 261 heading towards Campeche. The roads are in very good condition and it was easy to find Uxmal. The ruins are stricklingly beautiful and they are the most impressive ones we've ever seen. Terrific ruins!
  • by Carlos Manuel M.
    We visited Uxmal from Merida (which is several hours west of Cancun). As soon as we reached the top of the stairs, we were facing a huge pyramid. This is the House of the Magician, which towers at over 100’ tall, and is an incredible structure. Supposedly this is the temple that gave Uxmal it’s name, as it was rebuilt five times by the Mayans themselves, building one temple over another. Looking carefully, you can see the different parts of the temples. A recommended tour indeed.
Recommendations for Mayan Ruins of Uxmal
  • To visit the sites of the Mayan World in Yucatán, we highly recommended wear comfortable clothing, hat, sunglasses, walking shoes and take with you a large bottle of water. Weather in all Yucatán Peninsula is hot and humid in Summer time and get dry and cool at night in winter. Use biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent all the time.

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