Mayan Ruins of Xcaret

The original name of the site was p'ole', from the root p'ol that means "merchandise" or "deal of merchants", which gives an idea of the economical relevance of the site. The constructions of the Late Post-Classical period (1200 AD – 1550 AD) are situated along the coast; some of them in strategic positions for its surveillance. Visit Xcaret and its authentic Mayan Ruins around this amazing theme park climb them… Feel the beaten drums in your senses and travel through time in the Pre-Hispanic Ball Game at Xcaret at Night Show!
Mayan Ruins of Xcaret
What's included in this Tour
  • Round Trip Transportation From Cancun (Hotel – Xcaret- Hotel) For two Days
  • Admission to the Park at 08:30 A.M. the first day.
  • A two-day admission to the Park (special price for the second day).
  • More than 20 activities: Water activities, Archeological Sites, and more
  • Night Celebration “Xcaret México Espectacular”. (At 7:00 P.M. during Daylight Saving Time; at 6:00 P.M. during Winter Time).
  • The second day pass must be used any day within a week after the first visit.
Recommendations for this Tour
  • Here are some places you should visit during this tour (all included in it): the awesome Mexican Cemetery, the House of whispers, the interactive Coral Reef Aquarium, the Sea Turtles Farm and the Manatee Lagoon.
  • Walk around butterflies in the Butterfly Pavilion and among deer at Deer Island.
  • Visit the Puma and Jaguar Island and the Monkey Island.
  • Amaze yourself at the Mushroom Farm (incredible!) and gaze upon the gorgeous flowers at the Bromelias and Orchids Greenhouse.
  • Walk the Jungle Trail and find the treasure at the Mine.
  • Visit the Ball Court and see Mayan Sites Scale Models.
  • Enjoy the Fiesta Charra Show, amaze yourself with the Papantla Fliers and meet Mayan people at the Mayan Village.
  • Climb the Archaeological Sites, stop by the Museum and relax at the St. Francisco of Asis Chapel.
  • Go up to the Rotation Scenic Tower and enjoy the breathtaking view.
  • Take the Ecological and Archaelogical Tours (please reserve at the Main Plaza).
  • At the end of the day at Sunset, witness a Great Performance: Xcaret at Night, where you'll enjoy The Most Ancestral Mayan Ball Game. Enjoy it!
  • It is important to bring comfortable clothing, walking shoes, hat, camera, a lot of energy and a large bottle of water. Remember to bring your bathing suit, if you planning to jump into the Underground Rivers, The Inlet, The Lagoon, the beach, the ponds (Highly Recommended).
  • Use biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent. They are shops everywhere in the park, where you can get them and almost anything you need. If your tour included transportation do not forget any of your personal belonging in the vehicle. ENJOY A TERRIFIC DAY!

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