Mayan Ruins of Tulum

An important coastal trade city in the Mundo Maya, Tulum was a walled settlement inhabited from the 3rd century AD to the 10th century AD. Here, the edifice, El Castillo (The Castle), is built on a high cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea and creates a stunning vista, especially at sunrise. Other important structures are the Temple of the Frescoes, which is ornately painted on the interior and adorned with detailed carved masks at each corner, and the Temple of the Descending God with intricate bas-relief carvings.
Mayan Ruins of Tulum Xel-ha
Tulum/Xel-Ha All Inclusive - from Cancun or Playa del Carmen Delicious food and Open bar in Xelha
$139.00 usd - $125.10 usd
$69.50 usd - $62.55 usd
Children Free
Under 40" tall
Visit Awesome Tulum, the only Mayan Ruins overlooking the Caribbean Sea!
What's included in the Tour of Mayan Ruins of Tulum Xel-ha
  • Round Trip Transportation From Cancun (Hotel – Tulum - Xel-ha - Hotel) or Round Trip Transportation From Playa del Carmen (Hotel – Tulum - Xel-ha - Hotel)
  • Admission to Tulum archaeological site
  • Access to Tulum train shuttle
  • Certified bilingual Tour Guide at Tulum archaeological site
  • Xel-Ha official tour conductor
  • All Inclusive Admission to Xel-Ha
  • Unlimited food and beverages (national open bar) at all the restaurants and bars
  • Lifevests, Snorkeling equipment, Complimentary snorkel tubes, Bicycles, Floating inner tubes, Children's lifevests and floating devices
  • Hammocks, Deckchairs, Towels, Lockers, Security bags for belongings, Shower rooms
  • Jungle train
  • Beach Access
  • Ecotours* (Subject to availability)
Recommendations for this Tour
  • These activities are included in your park - admission, we recommend that you enjoy them all!: Visit The Cenotes, Pass over the floating bridge, Swim at all water areas including the River, the Inlet, the beach, the lagoon, etc. Ride a bike. Visit the Chaac Mangal. Admire the Mayan Wall. Jump the Cliff of Courage. Stop by the Rock Climb. See the Apiary. Enjoy the Children’s Playground. Relax in the Hammock Island. Live the Trepachanga adventure (amazing!). Walk the Jungle Trail. And so much more!!
  • It is important to bring bathing suit on, comfortable clothing, walking shoes be able to get wet, hat or cap, camera, sunglasses and a lot of energy.
  • Use biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent. They are shops everywhere in the park, where you can get them and almost anything you need. If your tour included transportation do not forget any of your personal belonging in the vehicle. ENJOY A TERRIFIC DAY!

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