Mayan Ruins of Kohunlich

The ancient site of Kohunlich was an important part of the Mundo Maya in the Yucatan and was occupied largely between 300 AD and 1200 AD. Only a very small portion of the site has been uncovered but these excavations have revealed many intriguing sculptures.
The main structure at Kohunlich is called Templo del Sol (Temple of the Sun) and features huge, six foot tall masks of the Mayan sun god in exceptional detail.
Mayan Ruins of Kohunlich
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Reviews of Mayan Ruins of Kohunlich
  • by Berenice and friends
    Can you imagine how our ancestors lived? I could see it!!! The residents of Kohunlich lived in residential buildings equipped with benches, niches, and various items associated with the daily. Go and check by yourself like my classmates and I.
  • by Mark S.
    Kohunlich in Mayan means "Tooth in the face." Our friends told me that I have "great fangs" to choose my places to travel! Haha, I know I do but places like these are well worth the adventure!
  • by Diana
    In Kohunlich Mayan Ruins you will tour an entire city with an impressive organization, with the uniqueness of other famous structures such as the Acropolis, with its various stages of construction. The finished masonry technique of the palaces completes the architectural count and you can see it all, feel it all there. Awesome!
Recommendations for Mayan Ruins of Kohunlich
  • To visit the sites of the Mayan World in Yucatán, we highly recommended wear comfortable clothing, hat, sunglasses, walking shoes and take with you a large bottle of water. Weather in all Yucatán Peninsula is hot and humid in Summer time and get dry and cool at night in winter. Use biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent all the time.

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