Mayan Ruins of Kabah

Kabah is a large classic site, reaching its highest period of development around 800 AD, that has been only sparsely excavated. A collection of structures designated Grupo de Palacio (Palace Group) is now completely uncovered and shows the architectural advancement of the Mayan builders called the korbel arch.
The edifice, 'Codz-Pop', is located here and has a facade which features 250 intricate masks representing the rain god 'Chaac'.
Mayan Ruins of Kabah
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Reviews of Mayan Ruins of Kabah
  • by Pascal E.
    We were in Merida and we booked our tour to Kabah. It is the best for us. Kabah is in the middle of nowhere. There it's lying by itself so wild, so mystery, so ancient. The way is a good two lane road and suddenly right there Kabah a lost city, out in the jungle. Where some of the buildings and pyramids are uncover and some still covered by the jungle. There we had time to explore, climb, smell the wind and feel the soul of this ancient civilization. Don't miss this incredible site!!
  • by Jhana W.
    I am from England. Kabah was for me the best. Seems like you travel in time and you are right there with this ancient people in an unknown and unexplored region. The Mayan civilization is something so special for me that I am thinking to studying archeology and move to Mexico to discover more of the wonderful Mayan World.
  • by Steve B.
    I got the most exciting and adventurous vacation in my life, we spent 2 weeks traveling around Yucatan Peninsula with an amazing tour guide! He was so fun and full of energy! We visited Chichen Itza the 7th Wonder of the Modern World, and two other major Mayan sites. In general it was a unique experience, but I really fell in love with the secluded city of Kabah. You really have to live it. It's real and I was there having the time of my life.
Recommendations for Mayan Ruins of Kabah
  • To visit the sites of the Mayan World in Yucatán, we highly recommended wear comfortable clothing, hat, sunglasses, walking shoes and take with you a large bottle of water. Weather in all Yucatán Peninsula is hot and humid in Summer time and get dry and cool at night in winter. Use biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent all the time.

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