Mayan Ruins of El Rey

The ruins El Rey (The King), is a post-Classic Period archaeological site located right in Cancun's Hotel Zone near the southern end of the island, across from Playa Delfines.
Inhabited from the 10th century AD until the beginning of the 16th century AD, its structures include plazas surrounded by buildings and several platforms that are connected by a long pathway. The site takes its name from a skeleton uncovered there and thought possibly to be a former Mayan king.
Mayan Ruins of El Rey
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Reviews of Mayan Ruins of El Rey
  • by Pete and Mary
    We wanted to see some Mayan ruins, without spending an entire day traveling to see them. We thought this would be a good solution. But there wasn't much to see, there was nobody else and it looked a little deserted. There are very few buildings but lots of iguanas.
  • by Scott W.
    As this is conveniently located, and cheap, it is also small. There really isn't any restoration as far as the ruins go.. but I guess that is why they're called ruins. It seemed like a harvesting ground for iguanas. But, it was neat for the price, location, etc. It was worth going to see if you don't see anything else.
  • by Janeth W.
    It's small, but there are lots of iguanas and we even saw some peacocks there. The ruins themselves are in pretty good shape, but obviously nothing compared to the grandeur of Chichen Itza.
Recommendations for Mayan Ruins of El Rey
  • To visit the sites of the Mayan World in Yucatán, we highly recommended wear comfortable clothing, hat, sunglasses, walking shoes and take with you a large bottle of water. Weather in all Yucatán Peninsula is hot and humid in Summer time and get dry and cool at night in winter. Use biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent all the time.

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