Playa del Carmen Restaurants, Clubs, Shopping and Attractions

Playa del Carmen boasts bistros, salsa and rave clubs, and excursions to every part of the Yucatan. You can grab a bagel, spend the night in a 5-star hotel or simply rent a hammock under the stars or a palapa and enjoy a gelato made moments earlier in shades of tropical fruits. As the jumping off point to Cozumel, the pier at Playa Del Carmen is a beehive of excitement and activity as ferries cross the deep blue bay shuttling tourists and diving enthusiasts every hour. The nearby Seņor Frog's Restaurant is always a terrific place to lounge with a cold beer and friends while waiting for the next ferry.
Around Playa del Carmen
5th Avenue is the main artery paralleling the jaw-dropping Caribbean surf. Beaches are often more European than not and, "Playa," as those who know it call it, is cool, chic and very accessible. Though expanding at an impressive rate, the destination has kept it's flair for individuality, charm and not-to-be-found-anywhere-else ambiance.